Polygon launched the twist for zkevm scaling solutions

Polygon launched the twist for zkevm scaling solutions

The Polygon project launched a public testing network for scaling Ethereum called ZKEVM.

When We Unveiled Polygon #zkevm in July, It Was a Milestone Not on Polygon, But Also For Ethereum & Web3.

We’re Proud to Announce Polygon Zkevm Public Testnet, https://gagarin.news/news/arrest-warrant-for-nelson-mandela-sold-for-130-000-in-nft/ The World’s 1st Open Source Zkevm Network!https: // t.CO/BFRFR8XWK8

– Polygon – Matic 💜 (@0xpolygon) October 10, 2022

According to the developers, the world’s first “full -functional open source check system” is involved in the new decision.

One of the first to join the twin: they will join:

  • decentralized exchanges AAVE and Uniswap;
  • Web3 Platform Lens Protocol;
  • Midnight Society gaming studio.

The new solution scalates Ethereum and reduces transaction costs without compromising security and EVM elevalent.

“The announcement of ZKEVM in July was a turning point for Polygon, as well as an important milestone for Ethereum and the entire industry. We suggested scale to the broadcast with effective evidence with zero disclosure (ZK) among EVM-Evivalence, ”the project blog said.

Full -scale launch of a new decision was scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

Recall that in October, Matter Labs announced the launch of the publicly accessible dusks of L3-solution Pathfinder.

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